Damien Mortini

I code with JavaScript CoffeeScript WebGL Maths Angular GLSL Animations Quaternions SASS Web Tracing CSS3D Backbone 0101 & 0100 Regex Haxe Threejs Python Nodejs Grunt

The Gold Paper is an immersive 3D presentation along the Fibonacci spiral. It introduces a series of research and essays produced by Somewhat in conjunction with The Future Laboratory.

  • Threejs
  • Canvas
  • CSS3D

Christmas Experiments is an advent calendar which feature each day a new experiment made with love by digital artists. The main concept was from David Ronai and we made it real with Aurélien Gantier, Florian Zumbrunn and Lionel Taurus. More than just helping Christmas to be full of awesomeness, Christmas Experiments also aim to drop a visualization of the state of the web at the end of the year.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Welcome Christmas

Welcome Christmas is the first digital creation of Christmas Experiment. Crazy music is from The Rockstars.

  • Threejs
  • Web Audio API
  • GLSL

Void, space artifact is a mobile game realized during my last year at Gobelins. With the help of "The Artifact", a tangible object that interacts with the tablet. You will discover a new world and save your people lost in nowhere. We designed and realized two levels of the game. The team was composed of Catherine Uhlrich, Charles Chalas, Aurélien Gantier, Benjamin Gattet and myself.

  • Haxe
  • OpenFL

Works on Nissan flash website at Digitas.

  • Actionscript 3

Bitpad is an iOS game similar to the Mastermind. Instead of finding colors, players have to find the notes of a 8-bit sound. Bitpad can be played alone or in multiplayer, the quickest wins. This project was developed at Gobelins in three days with Jean-Phillipe Barbaud and Adrien Denat.

  • Objective-C